Chris Popp


La Crosse Branch

Cell: (608)385-9156


I am a native to central Wisconsin, born and raised. After graduating with my degree in finance my passion led me to the mortgage industry. After 15 years in the industry with six of those years as the owner of Imagine Home Lending, my passion continues.

Excellent customer service is on the top of my priorities along with peace of mind while making my customers dreams come true. Finding the best needs to suit your lifestyle is important to me and that is why I offer a vast amount of loan products. Along with the vast amount of loan products to offer such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, FHA, VA, I also have an extensive understanding of these loan products.


When I am not in the office and all your needs are met, my wife and I are spending time with our two young children. In addition to our family, we have recently adopted our new dog Ayla. Being active with my family in sports, biking, swimming and the outdoors is an essential factor during my family time. Being active in my family and clients life is essential to my passion as I serve our community with the best loan products.