Our History and Mission

Imagine Home Lending. Your local mortgage lender.

Imagine Home Lending. Your local mortgage lender.


It all started when…

Owner, Chris Popp, established the company in Onalaska, Wisconsin. He's a central Wisconsin native with over a decade and a half of experience under his belt.

We're dedicated to serving our community by supporting you through the loan process. We know that you have many options for lenders, but just like finding the perfect home, you need the perfect lender. Preferably, a lender that is trustworthy, who is attentive, and who can dedicate attention to ensure a smooth closing process for you. The selection for your lender leaves more to consider than just a percentage rate. Your lender is there to support you for 10, 15, or 30 years time, depending on your loan terms. 


So Why Choose Us?

We're Local. We take customer care seriously here. We have time and attention to devote to you. Unlike big banks, mortgage lending is all we do. Big name banks have big reputations, and a very wide range of services to offer. Usually those loan officers have bigger work loads than they can handle. Then, the client misses out on the personal experience that we can offer. We're devoted specialists in the lending industry.  

We Listen. Big banks have two answers: yes and no. Well, we want to help. We'll listen to your needs and evaluate your circumstances to find the loan that works best for you. We offer a variety of products to provide you with more options. 

We're Flexible. We understand that everyone's schedule varies. Sometimes coming in between office hours isn't possible unless you take a day off of work. We want you to save your paid time off. So, we're willing to meet you when and where it makes sense for you. If you can't come in to the office during office hours, we're willing to work around it . 


Ready to get started? Take a peak at the different products we offer!